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I grew up in South Florida, on a plot of land that developers converted from the River of Grass into condos. I majored in journalism because Mrs. Sweeting wrote on one of my essays that I should consider writing for a living, and I thought the only way to write every day and get paid was to become a newspaper and magazine person. I graduated from the University of Florida and went on to report on four hurricanes before the age of 25.

For the first half of my career, I covered child welfare, crime and breaking news. For the second half, I've covered sports. It turns out, they aren't as different as you think. My focus as a reporter and editor is on violence against women, including domestic violence, sexual assault, rape and harassment. Ta-Nehisi Coates said some really nice things about me. Lots of people call me an investigative journalist. Personally, I just think I'm stubborn. 

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